Postnatal Care

Following the birth of your baby, you will be monitored to ensure everything is progressing smoothly before you are taken back to your postnatal room. A paediatrician will check your baby after birth and prior to discharge.

The length of time you stay in hospital after the birth of your baby depends on a number of factors, such as, the type of birth you have had, how the baby behaves and feeds and so on. It is usually between 2-6 days, but this length of time is entirely negotiable. You will be seen daily on the postnatal ward by Kylie or the covering obstetrician.

An appointment will also be made to see DR Kylie Isaacs 6 weeks after your delivery in the practice rooms.

Through the 9 months of pregnancy your body has gone through significant changes and these changes will continue in the following months. It is important to take care of yourself through this time. This will ensure you are able to care for you and your baby.

Postnatal Depression and ‘the Blues’

As well as the physical changes, it is not uncommon to feel down in the postnatal period. Up to 75% of new mothers feel a little sad or depressed after giving birth. These feelings may range from very mild to severe, but there is help.

It is important to be aware of your feelings and talk to your family, friends and doctors. Sometimes the feelings go away without requiring any assistance but occasionally medication and or counselling may be required. Both can make you feel better and allow you to enjoy your newborn.